Our mobile mouthguard team aim to eliminate the headache of damaged teeth, as well as giving you & your child piece of mind when it comes to protecting their oral health. All with the convenience & flexibility of coming to you!

The traditional method has been to buy the ‘over the counter boil & bite’ type mouthguards, which may be cheaper & convenient, but may also become a very expensive alternative in the long run. These types of mouthguards usually fit very poorly & result in excessive movement in the mouth. They also affect speech & breathing & become very uncomfortable to keep in the mouth, hence affecting their performance and increasing the chance that you or your child has minimal if no protection against oral injury.

So what is the better alternative?

Boil & Bite

Custom Mouth Guard

The Mobile Mouthguard team offer a custom made thermoformed mouthguard, & most importantly there are no cumbersome visits to the dentist… We Come to You!
They come in a wide variety of colours for you to choose from, or make your own.

Types of Mouthguards


Dual Layer laminated mouthguard generally recommended for kids up to the age of 12. Great introduction to children into the discipline of wearing a protective mouthguard every time they play and train. Sports include football, soccer, basketball, etc.

Dual layer laminated mouthguard for young adults to adults. Recommended for the majority of club sporting which includes moderate to heavy contact sports. Sports include football, karate, water polo, basketball, baseball, etc.

Triple layer laminated mouthguard for the serious athlete demanding the best oral protection available! Recommended for full contact high risk sports where the head may encounter direct blows. Used for competition at professional levels. Sports include rugby, football, boxing, hockey, MMA, etc.

A mouthguard is a vital piece of equipment if you play any of the following sports:

Rugby league Ice Hockey Soccer
Rugby Union Lacrosse Softball
Baseball MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Squash
Basketball Karate Water Polo
Boxing Tae Kwon Do Weightlifting
Field Hockey Kick Boxing Wrestling

“Mobile Mouthguards is a registered dental laboratory, please contact us for more information”.

“Our custom made mouthguards do not guarantee that oral trauma will not occur, but is the highest possible protection available to prevent damage to the teeth and oral cavity”